McNeese Consulting offers experience to the conveying industry to enhance operations, maintenance, and overall safety performance.
Expert Witness
McNeese Consulting Group will research and gather all information regarding the issue at hand and take into account the facts of what has happened. Available written statements and drawings will be vetted against current industry operations, maintenance, and safety standards such as A.S.M.E., OSHA, MSHA, and CEMA, to ensure that all areas of the project or equipment in question meet these standards.
If there are noncompliance issues, due diligence will be performed to examine exceptions that are currently being met as well as parameters that should be met to allow those exceptions. Once the facts are present and a timeline is developed then a report will be issued reflecting the overall results.
Safety Inspection
McNeese Consulting Group will make a site visit to perform an area interview with various personnel and identify noncompliance issues based on today’s standards and requirements. Often items such as required labeling, and emergency stop circuitry are just a few of the issues identified as non-intentional victims of complacency and time. Once they are exposed a solution or remedy can be determined and presented to the customer via report form. This Safety Inspection is conducted under the strictest confidentiality between McNeese Consulting Group and the client.
Operational Review
McNeese Consulting Group will perform a site visit and discuss the areas of concern with management. These issues can be a mechanical deficiency based on current operation and maintenance procedures or a lack of design based on newer goals and put-through needs. We will evaluate the current system and recommend equipment that can enhance the system’s performance.  These recommendations will reduced purchase and overall operating cost as the main driver.
General Consulting
McNeese Consulting Group offers a variety of consulting disciplines ready to assist in recommendations for new projects or applications. These disciplines enhance existing plants and systems to meet new expectations. Shutdowns, turnarounds, maintenance practices, operating procedures are available. McNeese Consulting Group has recently made connections that allow the area of process to be added to the list of offerings. We will work directly with vendors to assist in the proper application of their equipment as many companies have downsized or do not have the manpower to dedicate to R&D.
Free Conveyor Belt Spreadsheet
We hope you find this spreadsheet to be of use. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have while using it. We also have spreadsheets related to various material stockpiles that we would be pleased to send you.


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